How to Detox Your Body Naturally - 5 Effective Ways to Cleanse Inner Body in one day - Weight Loss Diet

Why should you go for a Detox or Body Cleanse today?

The human body has an amazing mechanism to detox and cleanse itself naturally. Our bodies are prone to pollutants, chemicals, preservatives and toxins all the time. Along with this, consumption of refined foods, sedentary lifestyle and pressing deadlines that stress you out create a toxic havoc in our bodies. This toxin’s makes us feel like crap. Going on a detox or cleansing diet helps you flush out all problem – makers and will help you to rejuvenate by giving your body a boost of health and vitality. Now a lot of people think that a detox or cleansing diet surrounds around drinking fancy cold pressed juices or starving themselves all day long. If you are one of them, you will be pleasantly surprised on how easy and refreshing a detox or natural cleansing can be.

5 Effective Cleansing diet You Should Try!

#1 Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods:

The first step to detoxification starts with removing all processed foods and sugar from your diet for a day. Go off bread, sandwiches, cakes, ready to eat meals and fast food. Go without adding white sugar in your beverages and say no to aerated drinks. You will soon figure how light and energized it will make you feel.

#2 Chomp on Fresh Produce:

Make fruits and veggies your go – to options on your detox days. Start your day with a bowl of mixed fruits or try out interesting recipes like vegetable soups, shakes, or a soupy Indian curry. Your body will get power packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals which will revitalize you inside – out. The key is to eat local ingredients instead of going low – calorie.

#3 Guzzle up on Fluid:

Hydration is crucial to a good detox. Guzzle up of fluids throughout the day and aim at consuming at least 4 liters of water. You can try out some vegetable juices, infusion waters with lemon and mint, coconut water or even a glass of chaas. Just be careful of not including any packaged juices or flavored water as they are laced with added sugars.

#4 Say Hi to Probiotics:

Probiotics is buzzing all around the world. They are foods that help improve your digestive health by adding on to healthy microorganisms that aid digestion. And to your surprise, an Indian pantry is full of them. Reboot your colon by including foods made by fermentation like dosas, dhoklas and idlis.  Dahi is an ideal probiotic that will give your digestive track a healthy vacation.

#5 Let go off Wheat:

On your designated detox day, try going off wheat and swap it with other whole grains to get rid of that bloating. The best way is to go ahead and try consuming nachni, jowar, bajra and rajgira flours to achieve a complete nutrient profile.

Always remember a detox or colon therapy when done well, can create a heightened sense of well – being and can also be an amazing happy holiday for you and your body.  Comments your thoughts below about how you get benefited.

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