Oil Pulling Ayurveda | Surprising Oil Pulling Uses and Benefits | Prevent tooth decay and detoxify


In an era of new age practices, the world is still a buzz about ancient one and Ayurveda. Oil pulling or Gandusha, gives you a bunch of beauty benefits, prevents some diseases like tooth decay, plaque and arms you with a camera – worthy smile. This topic of oil pulling here is by popular demand, so let’s cut straight to the chase. The mouth offers a sanctuary to a number of bacteria, viruses and fungi that pose a threat to our well being. Oil acts a cleanser by hauling out these toxins before they get a chance to spread.

How Does Oil Pulling Work?

Firstly, it frees up the immune system by reducing stress and internal inflammation. This then boosts energy, prevents heart diseases like tooth decay and plaque , allergies, headaches and acne.  It also partly aids weight loss.

How is Oil Pulling Done?

Try to start your day by doing this before you brush your teeth or drink anything. If not that, do it a few hours before eating dinner. Put a single tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and start to swish it back and forth in between your teeth for 10 – 15 minutes. If that’s too much for you, try doing it while doing something else, like showering or working around the house. Try not to swallow any of the oil while doing this to prevent the toxins from getting back into your body and make sure you spit the oil into the toilet or a cup because it could clog the drain if you use your sink. After that, immediately rinse your mouth with warm salt water to remove the toxic debris.  When you’re done, brush your teeth as you normally would.

Which Oils can be used for Oil Pulling?

For oil pulling, you can use unrefined cold pressed organic coconut oil, olive oil or even sesame oil to name a few. For me personally, I love using coconut oil as it contains lauric acid, which has proven to be anti – inflammatory and antimicrobial, which basically means it fights off the microorganisms that cause bacteria. You can even enhance the oil by adding organic essential oils like lemon, peppermint or cinnamon but make sure to use a single drop for every tablespoon of the oil you choose. Essential oil gets absorbed and protect your oral mucosa that is the lining in your mouth.

There are no side effects of oil pulling and this can be done by anyone be it kids, adults, elders and even pregnant women.  
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