Stress Management Technique - How to Reduce Stress?

The first time I came to United States, wherever I went, I heard this term “stress management”. I couldn’t understand, because in my understanding, we manage things which are precious to us. Our families, our businesses, our money, our property, whatever is precious to us, we manage that. Why would somebody want to manage stress? I couldn’t get it for some time.

Then I realized people have made a conclusion, that stress is an extra limb that they have in their body. Stress is an appendage that they can’t get rid of. Stress is not a part of you. You get stressful because you don’t know how to handle your mind. No attention has been paid as to how  to handle this mind, how to handle this emotion, how to handle this body, how to handle these energies; nothing has been done about it. You’re managing such a sophisticated system accidentally. So you being stressful, is a natural outcome of such unconscious living. There is no other way to be.

Don’t think your job is stressful. Now you’re a student, being a student is stressful.  If you don’t find employment when you come out of the college, that is stressful. If you get a job, you get even more stressful.  So it is not your job or your life situations which are stressful. Stress is happening to you because of your inability to manage your own system.  Not know how to cope with stress is stressfulness. If this happen the way you wanted, you wouldn’t be stressful.

Stress Management Technique?

If you do simple stress management  process, just 21 minutes a day – today you take your pulse rate before and after food, do it for six weeks, check your pulse rate and see, it will considerably down, which essentially shows, with the same level of activity this is a simple indicator, there are many other parameters that you could check but this is an extremely simple indicator for which you don’t have to go to any laboratory, you can check it yourself. The lowering of the pulse with the same level of activity indicates that your system is going at an easier pace. That means it’s working much efficiently. If you drive your car at 2000 rpm, the engine may last 100,000 km or miles. If you drive the same engine at 5000 rpm, it may last only 50,000 miles or less, simply because it’s unnecessarily revved up. So if this (Referring to oneself) can do everything that it has to do at an easy pace that means it is happening efficiently. Any machine which has least amount of friction within itself happens efficiently, naturally produces more with least amount of stress. It is definitely time you do some stress reduction management.

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