How to Develop Good Thoughts? What are pure and impure thoughts?

Thought, whatever kind of thought let it be, good thought or bad thought you have, whatever thought you generate on your mind, is only coming from the data that has already been fed into you. Isn’t it so? You can use it, permutations and combinations of it and produce million varieties but essentially, thought is coming from the data that has already been fed into you. And if you are trying to curb the impure thought and produce good thought, you’re finished.

All the things that these so –called religions told people are sins they have become the full-time activity of human mind. If they had just left the alone, everybody according to his inclination would have gone where he has to go. Now it’s not like that, it’s painted in everybody’s mind. Because they said this is a sin don’t think about it, endlessly they are thinking about it. They are not even as free as dogs and cats are – human beings – simply because somebody put this idea that there is something good thoughts and impure thoughts. Whatever impure things you learnt at the age of twenty – five, I do not know. I have not come in touch with anything impure in the world yet. I don’t know where you came in touch with all these impure things in twenty – five years. I have not seen anything impure in this world.  Have you seen something impure?

There are different kinds of people with different kinds of problems and limitations and nonsense. I don’t think it’s impure. And first of all, the idea of pure and impure, the idea of good thought and bad thought is a very sick idea. There’s just  only life around you. If you’re labeling certain aspects of life as pure and certain aspects of life as impure, there is a serious problem. I want you to understand this problem is far more serious than most people really look at. Right now, many religions and cultures on the planet have labelled the fundamental biology itself as impure. The basic biological processes themselves as impure.    Sexuality is impure, a woman’s menstrual cycle is impure. What the hell, you are born out of it, then you are also impure, everything in the world is impure, creation is impure. If you like that word, you can use it but who are you to decide, what is pure and impure? This is the way life is made, isn’t it?

With how much awareness you approach thought, the same things can become beautiful, the same thing can become ugly depending upon who is doing it and how he is doing it. Something as simple as eating – eating can be a beautiful experience, not just for nourishment, even as an experience, it can be beautiful. Who is doing it, how it is being done – that’s what makes the difference. So this prejudice as to what is pure and impure has destroyed this humanity in such a bad way. Good thoughts and impure thoughts – if you sift through this, you’re finished.

 All thoughts are just junk.  Essentially, they are coming from the limited experience of the past. These thoughts are useful for your survival process. You picked up some amount of information, you want to survive in the world, this information is useful. If you’re looking at life itself, these thoughts are meaningless. What happened yesterday actually has nothing to do with what’s happening right now in this moment.  But in terms of your survival in the world, you need to remember a few things. You need to use your old knowledge to earn your living on the planet. But in that, don’t brand something as pure and impure. This can completely freak your life out. There’s nothing pure, there’s nothing impure. Life is just the way it is. It’s for you to make it wonderful or make it ugly – every aspect of your life. If you’re aware, you will make it beautiful. If you’re doing things compulsively, you will make it ugly. From the smallest things to the biggest thing everything can be made beautiful, if you do consciously.                                                                                                                                                     

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