What is Law of Karma? Law of Cause and Effect


You are a perfect reflection of choices you have made. Our universe is governed by the law of karma or the law of cause and effect and in a nutshell it states that, what goes around comes around. That your intent and actions is what directly creates the experience that you go through that there is no good deed that goes unrewarded and no evil deed that goes unpunished. You can open doors to success if you had the courage to open doors for others. 

The cause of today is the effect of the past and the cause for the future. There cannot be a cause without an effect, the present must have had its cause in the past and will have its effect in the future. We and no one else, are responsible for what we suffer. We are the effects, and we are the causes. The wave is the same thing as the water, the effect is the cause in another form.

All is bound by the law of karma. All law has its essence in causation. As the cause is, so the effect will be. Cause is never different from effect, the effect is but the cause reproduced in another form. Everything, both mental and physical, is rigidly bound by the law of causation. Everything is present in its cause, in its fine form. Internal and external nature, mind and matter, are in time and space, and are bound by the law of karma.

Where no bondage is, there is no cause and effect. The law of Karma is the law of causation.  So purify yourself, let go destructive thought patterns and behaviours rid yourself of toxic people make it easier to make negative decisions. Stop gossiping about your co – workers, about your neighbours, about the person makes your sandwiches at subway. Forget about all that and see the beauty in yourself and in others and operating kindness as a reflection of that beauty.

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