Does Neem help in fighting Cancer? – Neem leaf Benefits and Side-effects – Prostate Cancer

Neem helps in fighting cancer

Neem has many incredible medicinal benefits and one of the most thing is it kills cancer cells as well. Because neem is spermicide it must be consumed in small quantities.

The botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta indica. Neem leaf has anti – bacterial property which is why it works wonders on cancers, burns, infections, wounds and skin problems. Neem destroys the bacteria that cause infections, stimulates the immune system and encourages rapid healing.

How To Use Neem Leaf To Treat Cervical Cancer?

#1 The extract of the neem leaf contains natural compounds that fight against cancer cells.

#2 Neem cures various cancers like prostate cancer.

#3 Neem leaf contains toxic properties to initiate the death of cancer cells.

#4 The powerful anti – oxidant properties of leaf is considered as effective anti –oxidant drug.

#5 Cancer affected people consume neem leaf extracts through oils and capsules.

#6 Neem boost immunity and decrease blood sugar and prevent adrenaline as well.

How Consuming Neem Can Prevent Cancer?

When I say cancer cells, every part of our body has cancerous cell but they are disorganized, they are all over the place. For some reason if you create certain situations in the body they will get organised, so from peak time to organised time is a serious problem.

There are cancerous cells, these are criminal cells, they are roaming around and if they meet in one place then it is a problem.

It is same with the body, before cancerous cells gang up, destroying them here and there and everyday neem just does that. Neem just reduces or keeps the number of cancerous cells in the body within a certain percentage where it doesn’t really gang up in the system.

Does Neem have any Side – Effects?

So consuming neem is a very important thing, only thing about neem is if you consume it in excess quantity it also kills the sperms cells. Because it is a spermicide it should be consumed in small quantities and it is not for us to decide what should happen to individual.

And women when they are pregnant, up to 4 months of pregnancy or to be safe up to 5 months one should not consume neem  because it is a spermicide. When the foetus is developing the role of the sperm is still there to a certain point.

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