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Is Tik Tok App Safe for Teens/Kids? – Tik Tok will be banned in India

Lawmakers are saying that the wildly popular app “Tik Tok” has led to teens and young adults participating in acts of cultural degradation and it is not safe.They want the app tik tok to be completely banned in their country, maybe if this comes to pass, other countries will follow.

There are lot of shady things that go down on Tik Tok. There is a lot of concern about the amount of extreme content, as well as sexually explicit content on the app. There are violent extremists and anti – Semitic content.

This is kind of scary thing considering tik tok’s user base is primarily kids, teens and young adults. And it seems like lawmakers are starting to take notice, most notably in India.

Indian Lawmakers against Tik Tok App?

Information Technology Minister of the Indian state, Tamil Nadu, Dr M. Manikandan wanted the app to be banned in his state. And now other lawmakers in India are following in his footsteps.

Ansari told the Central Legislative Assembly, “I raised an issue forwarded to me by community welfare workers that the mobile application tik tok was acting as a platform for heated debates against law and order and sharing of sexually explicit material.

Lawmakers are extremely concerned about the deep problem on tik tok, as well as the staggering amount of bullying cases on the app.

According to a report from the New Indian Express, 36 teens contacted crisis lines about cyber bullying that they had experienced on the tik tok app. One person took their own life as a result of this bullying because so many people were mocking the videos they would post on the tik tok app.

While speaking to the Indian Express, Ansari said the following “Look at Saudi Arabia or China, they all have a system to restrict such apps, most of the tik tok videos are nothing but dances and songs presented in a vulgar way”.

Tik Tok’s response towards Indian User base:

Tik Tok is extremely popular in Asian countries, including India. 20 million people in India use tik tok according to January 2019 statistics and that’s a lot of people who would not be able to use the app.

A tik tok representative has said that they plan to hire a chief nodal officer based entirely in India to better coordinate with the law enforcement agencies. They responded the fact, that they have implemented measures to protect people against misuse, like easy reporting mechanisms that enable users and law enforcement agencies to report content that violates their terms of use and community guidelines.

India’s culture and stance around promiscuity is a lot different than western countries. We can expect countries banning tik tok over the bullying problem that is so apparent on the app. Bullying is more of a culture on tik tok than it is on Youtube and that explain many things.

Why Tik Tok is not safe?

Bullying problem is lot more severe than an app like Instagram, where the most someone can do is post a negative comment. We can even block certain keywords like ‘Ugly’ or ‘Fat’ using customized filters so that that you never even see mean comments like that. 

On tik tok, someone can respond to your post with another video. So, you actually see the person’s face while they are insulting you, it holds a lot more weight and hurts even more.

And what more bad on the tik tok is, you can’t stop someone from responding to your video, you can only block them after they have bullied you.

Well, that my opinion, do you guys think that the app tik tok should be banned? Comment down below and let us hear your thoughts on the article.

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