Ghaziabad: 19 Year Old Raped and Murder 5 Year Old Cousin Sister, Arrested

Ghaziabad: 19 Year Old Raped and Murder 5 Year Old Cousin Sister, Arrested

Ghaziabad, India: Ghaziabad police have captured a 19-year old boy regarding the rape and murder of a five-year-old (cousin) young lady in Muradnagar territory of Ghaziabad. Police said that the blamed seized the young lady on Saturday morning when she was playing outside her home while her body was found at a homestead, a couple of meters from her home on Sunday morning.

According to police, the captured man was distinguished as Mahajan, who likewise dwelled in a similar town as of unfortunate casualty. Cops said that the denounced is a rickshaw puller and he told police that he choked her throat with hands in the wake of rape her as he was anxious about the possibility that that the young lady would uncover him to her family.

Injured individual's dad revealed to media that he and his significant other work as work and had gone out on Saturday morning while all the four kids, three young ladies and a kid, were available at home.

"Me and my better half had left home around 10 am on Saturday while the children were playing outside the house. When we returned home at night, we didn't locate my more youthful little girl at home and went on a pursuit. When we failed to follow her for the entire night we promptly educated the police about the missing case," said victim individual's dad.

Cops said that they got data from a rancher who recognized the body lying in his homestead while unfortunate casualty's dad was called who distinguished her.

"Following the episode, police propelled an examination concerning the case while a couple of suspects were held for addressing. Upon supported cross examinations, the blamed distinguished as Mahajan, let the cat out of the bag and uncovered the episode," said Neeraj Kumar Jadaun, Superintendent of Police (country), Ghaziabad.

The officer additionally said that the culprit Mahajan choked young lady to death under the dread of getting uncovered.

The culprit Mahajan told police that he lives in injured individual's neighborhood and baited the young lady to a ranch where he raped her. He at that point froze that she would uncover about the episode to her folks and thus he choked her to death," Jadaun said.

The culprit dumped her body at a separation from the spot and she was found around 10 am on Sunday. The body was taken to a clinic where examination uncovered that she was explicitly attacked.

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