Tony Arino Who Killed 4,000 Animals Is Now 'Worried' About Extinction Of Elephants

Tony Sanchez-Arino with a dead elephant

Tony Sanchez-Arino, a standout amongst world's most famous trophy hunters and potentially the most hated individual.

The 89-year-old hunter has slaughtered 1,317 elephants, 127 dark rhino, 167 panthers and 2,093 wild ox, alongside 340 lions up until this point, reports The Sun.

The incongruity is that Arino has now boldly voiced his 'worry' over the miserable number of African elephants that remain.

"The African elephant will be chased to annihilation in the wild inside our lifetime, to the disgrace of humankind," he said in his book Elephants, Ivory And Hunters, which was distributed in 2002. He even went similarly as asserting he's dedicated his life to the reason for the African elephant.

Tony Sanchez-Arino, 89, is stunning celebrated as the world's "most risky and experienced amusement hunter" among devotees of the blood sport.

As per reports, he began chasing elephants for ivory in 1952 subsequent to going on his first safari chase to Africa at 21.

The Sun cited Eduardo Gonçalves, originator of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, as saying, "The trophy chasing industry is butchering elephants left, right and focus."

"Murdering elephants for entertainment only is unsatisfactory, significantly more so due to the earnestness of the present emergency," he included.

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